St Bernadette’s Parish Mission

Fr Stephen Reilly and the parishioners of St Bernadette’s would like to invite all staff and pupils of Our Lady’s and their families to their parish mission.

A mission is a series of creative and original services to help inspire people to greater commitment to Jesus Christ. Why not make this part of your celebration of Lent? It will also give an opportunity to see our brand new colour scheme in the church, which was completed only last week.

Music will be provided by OLHS pupils and former pupils James Bennett, Luke McMahon, Michael McKenna, Jill McMurray and Darcy Hendry among others. Services will take place this Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th, and Wednesday 25th February at 7.30 p.m. in St Bernadette’s church. Please join us.

Ash Wednesday

Lent began this Wednesday, 18th February 2015. There were services during the course of the day to ensure that pupils and staff received their ashes. Many thanks to Fr King and Fr Reilly and to all of our Eucharistic Ministers: Katie Ann, David, Ryan, Michael, Liam, Jack, Rachael, Lisa, Darcey, Aaron, Jakub and Connie.

Mass will take place on Monday and Wednesday mornings in the War Memorial Chapel with Fr King, and Eucharistic Services on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Hearing God’s Voice

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Report from Mr Kerr

All S2 pupils recently attended a retreat based on theme of “Hearing God’s Voice” at The Diocesan Centre, Newmains.

The retreats were led wonderfully by Nicky Lynas from the Pastoral Centre and Father Stephen Reilly from St Bernadette’s Parish, ably assisted by a team of enthusiastic young volunteers (many of whom were OLHS former pupils) who gave up their free time to help out. Each retreat was also accompanied by four 6th year Caritas candidates.

The pupils, who attended the retreat in R.E. class groups, enjoyed a series of activities based on the theme of the day. These ranged from a perfume/after shave smelling test (designed to show us that what we think of as valuable isn’t always right) to creating a Facebook page for Jesus!

The pupils also enjoyed the guided meditation led by Nicky in the beautiful chapel which was a very peaceful and calm exploration of a different way to pray and reflect.

Everyone enjoyed a sing-a-long Grace before meals – “We will thank you’ (based on the Queen song – much banging of tables and clapping took place), a hearty lunch and a chance to run around the grounds of the Centre.

S2 also had the opportunity to create their own prayer cards based on the day’s theme of hearing God’s voice and responded very well to this.

After a vote of thanks by our excellent Caritas helpers we made our way back to school and it was very encouraging to hear everyone ask “When can we go again?”

Thanks to all the staff who assisted with the retreats and the S6 Caritas students who helped too.