Italian shortbread

Our visitors from Tuscany had a treat on Tuesday when they learned how to make shortbread, courtesy of Mrs Zambonini (with much appreciated input from Mrs Stemplis and Mrs Flanagan).

Mrs Zambonini precisely measures the sugar for her shortbread.

Mrs Zambonini precisely measures the sugar for her shortbread - about a wooden spoonful.

Matteo and his shortbread

Matteo - very proud of his baking.

The Italian pupils had a lot of fun and were extremely proud of their creations which were beautifully wrapped in cellophane and tied with a lovely wee tartan ribbon.

In fact, they were so chuffed that Mrs Zambonini even received an impromptu Italian song as thanks!

“Grazie, grazie, Signora Zambonini” (Translation available from Mrs Fitzpatrick.)

Open evening – part 2

Many thanks to all the families who came along to Our Lady’s last night, despite the atrocious weather.

Over 200 people toured the school to view our facilities, meet the staff and find out more about the school.

Activities included having a go with the computerised embroidery sewing machines in Home Economics which were already set up and running so that P7s could see some designs. Visitors also had the chance to operate the ordinary sewing machines, trying to follow a line on a sheet. Mums reminisced about their own Home Economics classes while the Dads complained that they never had the chance to do Home Economics at school at all.

Various resources were on show in the Library Resource Centre, including our famous Roman helmet, used for the Ninth Legion investigation, examples of mindmapping and rebus puzzles, Comic Life software and our course, our blog, Our Lady’s Latest.

The PE department set up gymnastics displays, while Art and Design showed off screen printing techniques.

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