S5 Induction: Careers

Report from Ruth Robertson

The Career Session for the S5 induction was centred on getting pupils to think in an enterprising way. Marion Russell and I asked each group to consider that they were running their own restaurant. The tasks included planning and costing a menu, thinking of their target market, devising a restaurant name and logo, and getting them to recruit staff for their business. There was an element of competition, with Mrs Mulholland judging the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with unhealthy prizes of confectionary.

The pupils all showed great enthusiasm and produced some great ideas: definite entrepreneurs of the future I feel.



Our new 6th year pupils have been involved in Buddy Training in preparation for the arrival of our new 1st year pupils after the holidays, discussing stereotyping, confidentiality and practicing listening skills.

The Buddy scheme provides an older friend for every new 1st year pupil: someone to listen to their worries or ask for information.

The training was organised and provided by Partnership Officer, Mrs Deborah King and the Pupils Support team.


5th and 6th year pupils have started their respective Induction weeks. On Monday, the new S6 took off for Mugdock Country Park, where they enjoyed games, orienteering, quizzes and some rather strange teamwork activities.

Yesterday, S5 had fun back at OLHS building flagpoles and egg launchers. We also discovered some rare musical talent. Other games included tug of war and assault courses (dressed as chickens naturally).

Induction for both years will continue over the rest of the week, with input on achieving goals, interview skills, and health and enterprise activities.

Inducted into 5th year

Outside report by Mrs Connor

The pupils moved round four ‘stations’ which consisted of tug of war,space hopper race, superheroes obstacle race (pupils dressed in sumo suits in style of batman and spiderman) and the chicken race where pupils had to dress in chicken suits and run with a spoon and water balloon. All the while the teams were being soaked with super soakers by the guidance staff ! There was then a play off for the semi final and the final consisted of a  tug of war.

To end the session there was a teachers vs pupils and girls vs boys tug of war.

A hilarious and fun time was had by all, especially when someone-who-shall-remain-nameless got stuck in his spiderman suit and couldn’t get it off, despite the assistance of his team.