Kids Lit Quiz 2016

Ten pupils from Our Lady’s took part in the West of Scotland heat of the Kids Lit Quiz at Our Lady’s High School, Cumbernauld. The teams were selected from volunteers who participated in the OLHS heats run by Librarian, Mrs Macfadyen.


The Kids Lit Quiz is the work of former academic, Wayne Mills, who comes from New Zealand. Wayne wanted to acknowledge and motivate pupils’ reading in a competitive way, and now travels the world organising the Kids Lit Quiz in Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and of course, the UK. He writes all of the questions himself which remain a closely guarded secret.


OLHS entered two teams of pupils with two reserves, who practiced hard in the lead up to the quiz, checking their knowledge of children’s stories from nursery rhymes and fairy tales to the latest teen fiction and graphic novels. On the day, the teams answered ten rounds of questions and were even joint round winners on three occasions. Our eventual placings of 11th and 17th are a credit to all of their efforts in what was an extremely difficult quiz.

Our two teams, their reserves and Kids Lit Quiz creator, Wayne Mills.

Our two teams, their reserves and Kids Lit Quiz creator, Wayne Mills.

Many thanks to the pupils who took part:
S1: Chloe O’Neill, Sarah McDonald, Imogen McFadden, Cailin Smith, Laura Findlay
S2: Eva Winton, Olek Kyc, Finn Ross, Sophie Galloway, Erin Keating

With thanks naturally to our mascots, Brian the Brain and Angus the Ape.

Kids Lit Quiz 2014


Our Kids Lit Quiz delegation with KLQ creator and quiz master Wayne Mills.

A dozen pupils from Our Lady’s took part in the West of Scotland heat of the Kids Lit Quiz at Kilsyth Academy. The teams were chosen after taking part in the OLHS heats run by Librarian, Mrs Macfadyen, with the English Department.

Two teams of four pupils worked through ten rounds of questions, guessing answers from all sorts of books and stories, from fairy tales to the lastest young adult fiction. Meanwhile, our supporters in the audience cheered the team on and waved the banner, made by Sara Lango-Parzych.

Many thanks to the pupils who took part: Colette O’Neil, Julia Brola, Emily Grant, Hannah Townsley, Neve Connelly, Rachel Donnelly, Katie Cadenhead, Sara Lango-Parzych, Raymond Ron, Jay Fulton, Sam Kidd and Paul Firth.

Kids Lit Quiz Heats

All S1 pupils took part in the OLHS heats for the Kids Lit Quiz, a worldwide quiz for enthusiastic readers.

Pupils worked in teams to answer questions set by School Librarian, Mrs Macfadyen, with English teachers trying to beat the scores set by their pupils (and congratulations to Mrs Jeffrey for top staff score).

Pupils were then invited to submit their names for the OLHS Kids Lit Quiz teams taking part in the West of Scotland heats at Kilsyth Academy on November 10th. Pupils are also working on banners for our supporters to cheer on the OLHS teams.

Kids Lit Quiz 2013

After fierce competition in the Library, twelve S1 pupils set off for Kilsyth Academy last week for the West of Scotland heat of the Kids Lit Quiz, a worldwide competition all about books and stories. Answering questions from on everything from fairy tales and picture books to Young Adult and classic novels, the two teams of four had a lot to cope with, but worked well together to build up impressive scores, while our stalwart supporters in the audience waved banners, cheered the teams on, and whispered answers to each other.

The event ran like clockwork, with ten rounds of ten questions, interspersed with prize challenges for the audience (including two wins for OLHS!) At the interval, each pupil purchased a book and ran to get it signed by their respective author. Two lucky pupils who chose Viking Gold even received a real Viking coin from author, V Campbell!

Our Kids Lit Quiz team with founder, Wayne Mills

Our Kids Lit Quiz team with founder, Wayne Mills

Many thanks to all twelve pupils who put themselves through such hard work: Taylor Gilfillan, Hayley Graham, Robbie Henderson, Alicia Jackson, Shannon Lawrie, Lewis Longmuir, Tony McAdam, Lauren McCann, Andrew McMahon, Greg McLuskey, Shay Ross and Liam Tonner. Thanks also to PT English, Mrs Millar, and to Librarian, Mrs Macfadyen, for managing the OLHS heats and organising the trip.


Today 4 of us went to Kilsyth Academy to take part in the Kids Lit Quiz.  We came 3rd out of all of North Lanarkshire and 19th overall!  It was a fantastic experience and we really enjoyed it. If you are lucky you may get a chance next year, if you are in S1 or S2 it is an amazing experience so you will be in for a treat! 😛 😀


Kids Lit Quiz

A heroic team of 2nd years ventured north through forests of road cones to Kilsyth Academy to take part in the Kids Lit Quiz 2010. At half-time, Our Lady’s was in lying in 1st place, but other teams played their jokers in the second half (gaining double points on a round).

By the end, we finished 9th, which is a fantastic result, and the highest position achieved by any OLHS team in this competition.

For more information, please see the LRC blog.

Kids Lit Quiz 2008

A group of 2nd year pupils took to the hills to take part in the 2008 West of Scotland heat of the Kids Lit Quiz. The quiz is the brainchild of New Zealander, Wayne Mills, who created it to allow children who love reading a chance to compete based on their own knowledge.

The team, Courtney Allan, Michael Allan, Connor Healy and Erin Reid,  was selected from a group of S2 volunteers, who took part in quizzes during lunchtime in the LRC.

Along with library mascot, Angus the Ape, they travelled to Kilsyth Academy to take on another 34 teams, the largest ever number of entries. On the way to the competition, they tested each other with lots of questions, and were stunned when some of the same questions actually turned up in the quiz itself!

The group worked exceptionally well as a team, and received a book each for their determination and hard work. 

Kids Lit Quiz

A team of four feisty 2nd year pupils (and Mrs Macfadyen) descended on Kilsyth High School this afternoon to participate in the Kids Lit Quiz 2007.

This is an annual international event for young people who enjoy reading, created and organised by quizmaster, Wayne Mills from New Zealand.

Over ten rounds, the teams try to answer 100 questions, with prizes for teams, individuals and even the audience between each rounds.

This year, one of the teams was made up of four authors, who (perhaps not surprisingly) got the highest score, and spent a great deal of time signing books and having photos taken. The overall winner of the heat was Bannerman High from Ballieston, who have now been invited to the UK final in Newcastle.

The OLHS team came 14th, but thoroughly enjoyed their day, as you’ll see from their comments below.