Marion Russell

Our Lady’s is saying goodbye to our Activate Officer, Marion Russell.┬áMarion has worked tirelessly with OLHS pupils for the last ten years, organising visits, filling in forms, and always encouraging young people to accomplish whatever they could. We will miss her smiles, understanding and determination to achieve the best for those in her charge, but wish her all the best in her new job.


Mrs Marion Russell is currently interviewing candidates for the Activate programme.

This initiative works with pupils who will be leaving school at the end of term and provides assistance with application forms for jobs, training or college as well as organising confidence building activities.

S5 Induction: Careers

Report from Ruth Robertson

The Career Session for the S5 induction was centred on getting pupils to think in an enterprising way. Marion Russell and I asked each group to consider that they were running their own restaurant. The tasks included planning and costing a menu, thinking of their target market, devising a restaurant name and logo, and getting them to recruit staff for their business. There was an element of competition, with Mrs Mulholland judging the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with unhealthy prizes of confectionary.

The pupils all showed great enthusiasm and produced some great ideas: definite entrepreneurs of the future I feel.