6th year retreat

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Report by Colette Carr
On the 5th of December, the sixth years, Miss Kane, Miss McGinness, and Mrs Mulholland travelled to Cambuslang  -despite the heavy snow they met en route – to our chaplain, Father Morton’s parish of St Bride’s.  On arrival, they were met by Father Morton, who then introduced them to Comboni Missionary, Father John Clark.
After a few ice-breakers, the group listened as they were told about faith and justice at Christmas time.  The group were then treated to a large spread which was greatly received and appreciated.After lunch, they went back into the chapel, and discussed refugees, before watching a programme following an African refugee in London describe his own experiences, and shadow other desperate Africans search for a better life.
After the programme some words were said by Father Clark and Father Morton, before they left Cambuslang.  The day also included entertainment by sixth year Luke McMahon who played the guitar and sang for everyone.  By the end of the day, they left knowing something new, and with a greater appreciation of how lucky they are.

Soak the Teacher


Teacher fashion : Spring Collection 2010

Class 4A organised a ‘Soak the Teacher’event to raise funds for Lenten Charities. 50p was just too good an opportunity for some pupils who spent all their pocket money and ended up borrowing more! 

Thanks to the staff who included Mrs Anderson, Miss Kane, Father Frank King, Mr Brogan, Mr MacMaster, Ms Campbell, Miss Miller and Mr Law.