Miss Miller

Why are you leaving?
I only had a 1 year contract here ad need to move on to a new school now.

How long have you been at OLHS ?
1 year – but I was also here for six months as a student teacher in 2007.

Have you enjoyed working here at OLHS ?
I have enjoyed my time immensely, Our Lady’s High is a special school. The staff have always made me feel very welcome and I think the pupils are fantastic. The best.

What’s your best memory of OLHS ?
I have lots of great times. Alton Towers was fab and I really enjoyed taking all the S2 pupils on retreat in May, but my very best memory has to be beating Mr Law in the pool tournament.

Did you always want to work in a school ?
No, I wanted to be a famous pop star, but I didn’t want to show up everyone in the music industry with my fabulous singing.

What are your plans after leaving OLHS ?
Party hard all summer then head to St Roch’s Secondary in Glasgow and help give them a fab R.E. department.

What will you miss most ?
All my lovely pupils.

What advice would you offer to anyone wanting to work in a school ?
Make sure you’re familiar with your local Job Centre.

Who was your favourite person to work with ?
John the Janny

Would you come back to the school if you had the chance ?
Without a doubt.

Any last words ?
Cheerio – love you all. Hopefully I’ll be back again one day! And I wish all the pupils all the very best for the future – you are a unique bunch!


Soak the Teacher


Teacher fashion : Spring Collection 2010

Class 4A organised a ‘Soak the Teacher’event to raise funds for Lenten Charities. 50p was just too good an opportunity for some pupils who spent all their pocket money and ended up borrowing more! 

Thanks to the staff who included Mrs Anderson, Miss Kane, Father Frank King, Mr Brogan, Mr MacMaster, Ms Campbell, Miss Miller and Mr Law.