St Andrew’s Day 2016

A big thank you to everyone to took part in events to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. Over £800 was raised for to St Andrew’s Hospice. Well done to Taylor Gilfillan on her fabulous dancing and to Isabel Evans on her fabulous baking! A highlight was seeing one of our S1 pupil’s face light up when “talking bagpipes” with our wonderful piper, Mrs Connor’s dad. The young apprentice left the master promising to practise his pipes really hard and play them for us at the coffee morning next year.

St Andrew’s Day Celebrations 29 November 2011

Report by Colette Carr

This year for St Andrew’s Day, Andrew house set out to mark the day.  In the run up to the day, tartan ribbons and badges were made and sold, and Saltires were put up on display around the school.  On the 29th, celebrations took place, seeing a mass in the theatre for all Andrew house celebrated by our chaplain Father Morton, followed by a coffee morning for staff to celebrate our country’s patron saint day.

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Mrs Connor, Andrew House guidance teacher, tells us about the preparations, and the day itself.

Hello!  How important is it for the school, and more importantly Andrew house to celebrate St Andrew’s day each year?

I think it’s really important in giving us a sense of identity, especially in a Catholic school.  As our country’s patron and in particular our house patron, he sets a very good example for our pupils, as in his life, he followed Jesus, something to be encouraged in our school community. 

Was there any prior fundraising for charities carried out before the day itself?

Yes, we sold tartan ribbons and badges to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice, and also so we could see pupils walking about the school with them on, on the actual day.

There was a mass celebrated, and all of Andrew house attended, do you think it’s good for the pupils to gather together like so?

I think it’s a very good idea, it again helps us see our Catholic identity, but it’s also a celebration.  The mass was very themed for the day, Father Morton had chosen readings about St Andrew, and spoke about his life, which was very good, because I learned new things about him during the mass.  It was really good, as like I said he is a good example as a person for our pupils to try and be like.

A coffee morning also took place, did many teachers come along to celebrate and support this, and were there any pupils involved?

Most of the teachers came along, it was really good.  We involved every year group in preparing for the day, like the first years helped make the tartan bows that we sold around the school, a group of fifth year girls helped out on the day, Michael played the bagpipes and our house captains Robyn and Paul did the vote of thanks at the end.  The Andrew pupil council also had a lot to do with it.

Was the work done by pupils voluntary, or was it going towards any qualifications?

No, it was all voluntary.

Was there anything done differently from previous years?

Well, we hadn’t had a mass in a few years, so that was different, and we were snowed off last year!

Is there anyone you’d like to particularly thank?

Yes, Isabel Evans, she did a lot for us, baking, and Tunnocks, I had written to them and they gave us a donation, which was brilliant.

Thank you!

Hopefully next year will be just as successful!

Pupil Council Conference

Report from Mrs Connor

Four representatives from Our Lady’s High went to Cumbernauld New Town Hall on Thursday 3rd November along with 120 other pupils across North Lanarkshire. They were engaged in a variety of activities all morning which involved them getting in to groups with pupils from other schools. It culiminated in designing a poster which Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Young People has asked he be given to help him formulate his ideas for young people.

Mrs Connor accompanied Sarah Mackenzie 6S, Paul Swinfen 6A and Dale McGuigan 1C, who all excelled. 

St Andrew’s Day 2009

Report from Mrs Connor

OLHS celebrated St Andrew’s Day in style – with bagpipes, tartan and plenty of shortbread and oatcakes!

Pupils from Andrew House sold saltires and tartan ribbons in the week leading up to 30th December, which was proclaimed “Tartan Day”. Pupils paid £1 and could wear tartan to school, which had been bedecked with saltires.

On the big day itself, pupils were met at the door at 8.45am by Michael Clark of 1st year who piped all pupils and staff in to school. Michael piped again in frot of the whole school at morning assembly.

A staff coffee morning was held with smoked salmon/oatcakes, saltire empire biscuits and more piping, with Michael joined by Mr Jim Hughes. This was then followed at lunchtime by a pupil “shindig” with pupils donating £1 to be entertained by the pipers and feast on even more Scottish products.

At the last count £265 was raised for St Andrew’s Hospice. Particular thanks go to Michael Clark, Jim Hughes, Mrs Evans and Mrs Swanson.

Mrs Connor and Mrs McGuigan then went home to lie in darkened rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Note from Mrs Macfadyen: Actually, they both love every second!]

Visitors from Kamwokya

Teddi Katusime and Robert Mulerwa spent a week at Our Lady’s, during which they taught us all some singing, some dancing, and a lot about Uganda and the Kamwokya Christian Caring Community. They also had fun joining in with some of our classes.

These are just some of the things that took place.

From Mrs Stemplis in Home Economics
Teddi came along with a 3rd year class and enjoyed making shortbread.

From Mrs Tulley in Support for Learning
Robert and Teddi joined the ESOL (English for Speakers of another language ) class for a session to meet class members and work with small groups, as they work towards their Learning Outcomes in their SQA exams.

The visitors were introduced to the variety of resources available in the Support Base for ESOL pupils and worked with IT packages to improve pupils’ conversational skills in English.

For their part, pupils much enjoyed the opportunity to learn from Teddi and Robert how English is taught in Uganda and appreciated the opportunity to practise their English skills in conversation, learning more about the connections between Our Lady`s High School and Kamwokya.

From Ms Newman in Geography
Robert and Teddi came to the Higher/Int II Geography class talking about Uganda and the health problems in the country. In particular they told the class what it is like to get Malaria and how the epidemic effects the country.

From Mrs Anderson in Maths
Robert and Teddy were in my S1 Maths class. The pupils spent time before they arrived making up posters with some of the statistics we had about Kamwokya, so at the beginning the children presented their findings and asked a question they had thought of. Robert then showed them a video / presentation about life in Kamwokya and through this answered all their questions.

The pupils really enjoyed it – especially the dance at the end.

From Mrs Connor, Andrew House
Robert had the Andrew House Pupil Council Meeting in stitches.He made us all stand up and do a song and dance which included swaying around and sticking our tongues out.It was a scream!

Overview from Mr Mulrooney
Our Lady’s High School established its partnership with the Kamwokya Christian Caring Community, Uganda in the year 2000. This relationship took another step forward when we welcomed Robert Mulerwa and Teddi Katusime to spend a week working with the pupils and staff. This offered a great opportunity for all the pupils to really get to know and appreciate what life is like in a developing world country. Of course, partnership is a 2 way street, and Robert and Teddi both left Scotland with a lot of insight into both Scottish education and Scottish culture.

Robert and Teddi work with the youth of Kamwokya, many of whom are either orphans or have lost a parent due to HIV / AIDS. Robert is the coordinator of this project and Teddi is a young girl who works as a ‘peer educator’. Several classes at Our Lady’s experienced a taste of the educational sessions peer educators use in Kamwokya.

Both visitors spent their week working in many departments enhancing their curriculum and strengthening the citizenship aspects of each subject. This ranged from discussing Primary Health Care in Africa with Higher Modern Studies pupils to transferring Ugandan poverty statistics to bar charts in the first year Mathematics class.

Robert said ‘we have learned so much to take back home with us from working in the school and living with our host families. Close partnership with schools such as Our Lady’s makes a great difference to the young people at home in Kamwokya.’

Our visitors were thrilled that the school Fairtrade group managed to sell over £500 worth of jewellery made in Kamwokya. This money will buy a computer for the young people they work with so that they can communicate with their partner schools on line. In addition the school gifted Robert and Teddi with medals and trophies that will be used to promote ‘education through sport’ among the youth of Kamwokya.

Bernard Love, Head Teacher, commented ‘hosting young people from Uganda for a whole week has had a major impact on our partnership project. It was edifying to see how naturally Robert and Teddi moved among our pupils sharing not only their knowledge and understanding of Developing World issues but also their optimism and great sense of fun.’

M&Ds reward for S2 pupils

Report by Nicole Kane and Louise Mullen

On Tuesday the 24th of June 2nd year pupils enjoyed a fun day out at M&D’s.

People on the trip were chosen based on attendance, time-keeping, homework and behaviour. The day started off with a long talk and we thought we were never going to leave, but in the end we did.

The weather was supposed to be wet, cloudy and dull, but it turned out to be a nice day for the time we were there. We got there by a double decker school bus (which smelled and some of the seats were damp.)

There were about 50 pupils at M&D’s who were with Mrs Darroch, Mr Martin, Mrs Connor, Mrs Mulholland and Mrs Zambonini. Everyone was very excited and couldn’t wait to get on the rides. Some of the rides we went on were Tornado, Water Logs, Swings and Flying Carpet. Most people bought their lunch at M&D’s or brought their own.

We checked our names off at 12–12:30 to make sure we were all there. At 2 o’clock we went back to the meeting point to go back to the school. We arrived back at school at 2:40 and were allowed to go home if we walked. We would like to thank the teachers who took us and organised the trip it was a very enjoyable day.