Titanic Project 2017: films and measurements

The Titanic Crew spent the morning watching the 1958 film, A Night to Remember, and compared it with the 1997 film, Titanic, that they were more familiar with. The pupils preferred the older film because it focused on the disaster. Throughout the film, our resident Titanic fanatic, PT English Mrs Millar, pointed out important events, areas of controversy and the background of various passengers.

The afternoon was spent with Miss Lees and Miss Wheeler from Maths who helped pupils to visualise the size of Titanic by comparing it with our school building. The crew took the trundle wheels around the yard for their measurements before working on their calculations. It turns out that the school could fit twice into the footprint of the Titanic!


S5 Induction: Interview skills

New 5th year pupils learned how not to act in an interview, thanks to the English department. Principal Teacher, Mrs Millar, took the part of a gum-chewing, untidy, rude job applicant while the rest of the department took the role of the interview panel.

Pupils were asked to spot all the reasons why she wouldn’t be offered the job, before drawing up their own lists for more successful interviews.

Othello workshop

Report by Mr Millar.

Fifty Advanced Higher and Higher English students took part in a drama workshop about Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ led by the drama department at OLHS. The workshop’s objective was to assist in deepening the students understanding of characters within the play and to examine the complexities of the characters.

The workshop looked at character desires and objectives as well as looking at how certain words and punctuation assisted in the overall psyche of particular characters within the play. Group work, tableaux (Still images), role-play and movement work featured heavily in the workshop in order to achieve the workshops overall objective.

Mr Millar of the Drama department at OLHS explained “It was really important that the lesson was not only practical based using a variety of drama techniques but also and, more importantly, could be accessible for all pupils to feel comfortable to participate. The emphasis was on exploring the desires of each of the characters within Othello and not on the students ability to ‘perform’.”

Mrs Millar, of the English department at OLHS praised the workshop, “This was a really exciting way to study Shakespeare – pupils and teachers gained different insights into characters by moving from words into actions. We’ll definitely be exploring texts this way in the future.”

Likewise one Advanced Higher English student, Mark Boules said, “The workshop helped us understand the physical qualities of the play better. Mr Millar taught us about the features of the speech such as rythmn which is something that is not dwelled upon in English and yet can have a profound effect on the impact of the piece. An insight from the Drama department helped us to realize this and much more.”

Mr Millar concluded, “The department always welcomes the opportunities to take part and lead lessons with other departments within the school and while the drama department has its own curriculum to teach it’s important to work together to create some examples of some stunning teaching and learning.”

Top marks all round!