MVP Summit

On Tuesday 6th December, Mrs King and two sixth year MVP representatives attended the annual MVP Summit in the Tramway Theatre, Glasgow. It was an all-day conference during which many speakers from all different walks of like spoke about personal experiences to the audience of MVP mentors from across Scotland. For example, John Loughton spoke about his journey from the most deprived area of Edinburgh to stardom and politics; Jess Thom from ‘Tourette’s Hero’ spoke about her daily life and how she copes with people who don’t laugh at her comments – when really that’s what makes her most uncomfortable about her condition.

The main aim of the summit was to introduce targets which individual schools could act upon and to suggest ways in which MVP can be promoted in schools across Scotland. Representatives from the MVP Scotland group also attended alongside members of the police and an MP who both spoke openly about how MVP can be taken from schools out into the community, all through the work of mentors. All in all it was an excellent, informative and very enjoyable day celebrating the work of mentors and also the contribution of MVP to Scottish society.


Mentors in Violence Prevention summit

Report from Mrs McDonald

MVP mentors from OLHS attended a NL wide pupil summit with HSPO Angela McDonald at Calderhead High School on Thursday 10th March. The conference is the second annual event held to celebrate the work of MVP mentors form around the local authority and give them time together to explore issues in more depth.

MVP stands for Mentors in Violence Prevention and the programme uses a bystander approach to encourage the safe challenging of the culture and beliefs that can lead to violence and in particular gender based violence. Senior pupils are trained by staff to become mentors and deliver themed workshops to their peers.

On the day pupils participated in a series of issue based workshops and heard from two speakers, the first shared her personal story about gender based violence experienced in her work place and the second from Police Scotland spoke about preventing radicalisation.

Feedback from all was that it was an informative, emotive and informative day.

Mentors in Violence Prevention

Senior pupils have been working with Mrs Connor and Mr Martin on the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) programme and sharing their knowledge with other pupils in the school. On the most recent in-service day, five brave souls – Michael Clark, Ryan Duddy, Katie Ann Hunter, Luke Dickson and Hannah Coakley – spoke to the entire school staff about the project, what they’ve been learning and how it is put into practice.

The MVP programme is designed to empower young people, giving them the confidence to step into circumstances that feel wrong, and provide a series of possible options for how to diffuse the situation without leading to violence. It is specifically designed to be led by senior pupils as leaders in their own communities.