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Staff and pupils from Art and Science managed to enjoy their three days in Paris, despite the cold and dreich weather.

After a day at Disneyland Paris, the 3rd and 4th years got down to business at Disney Studios with animation workshops and seminars on the physics of rollercoasters before exploring the park. Their hard work was rewarded with dinner at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

The third day was spent in Paris with a visit to the gorgeous Musee d’Orsay, exploring Art Nouveau designs and sketching works of art. The group then walked along the Boulevard St Germain to view the one of the famous Art Nouveau Metro signs before visiting Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. Pupils could choose to ride to the top of the tower or lower down depending on their head for heights.

Many thanks to the accompanying staff: Mr Law, Mrs Maguire, Mr McKendrick and Ms Steinert.

Paris – Art and Science

The Art / Physics trip to Paris on 29th January is approaching quickly. Pupils will attend workshops at EuroDisney to learn how a combination of art and science designed the park, and will experience the power of physics for themselves as they ride the roller coasters.

Pupils and staff will also spend time in Paris viewing famous artworks, and touring the sights.

Rollercoaster Physics and Impressionist Masterpieces

Report from Ms Steinert

Almost forty 3rd and 4th year pupils from OLHS with four teachers from the Science and Art Departments spent the week in Euro Disney on an educational excursion.

Pupils attended three workshops at the park to learn the physics of roller coaster design and how the park is designed using a combination of art and technology to create a unique environment where science and art work hand in hand.

Visits to the park were a fun mix of going on the attractions as well as testing out each roller coaster for the science learned in the workshops.

The pupils also spent a day in Paris where they got to visit the Musee d’Orsay and view some the most famous Impressionist and Post Impressionist works of art in the world. They also visited Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower before heading back via the Champs-Elysees.

At night time, pupils visited Buffalo Bill’s Rodeo show as well as King Ludwig’s Castle for entertaining evening meals and a grand time was had by all.

Pupils will use the first hand knowledge they gained from the trip in their Standard Grade Art and Physics studies.

Battlefields 2011

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Report from Mrs Letham and Mrs Fitzpatrick, with additional [more interesting] contributions from Ms O’Neill, Ms Broughton and Ms Togneri

Our Battalion was dispatched from the military base in Motherwell at precisely 2100 hours, accompanied by General Sam. After a few days capturing reconnaissance intelligence in German Occupied France, we reached our destination: Belgium.

Ms O’Neill: On the 4th June two bus loads of over-excited pupils and already tired teachers left Our Lady’s High departing for France and Belgium.

Ms Broughton: On arriving at the school, we were told that this wasn’t a holiday, it was a life changing experience. We were no longer a group of pupils, we were the 2nd Our Lady’s High School Pals Battalion. We were going to relive the tragedy of World War I. We waved goodbye to our families just the same way the soldiers of 1914 did and then we were off. We travelled during the night to Dover where we got the ferry to Calais.

Ms Togneri: Thinking back, the journey was long and excruciating, but of course no-one noticed: we were all too busy singing, laughing and generally causing  a riot due to our excitement. We arrived in Paris the following day, and spent the next two days there.

Ms Broughton: As soon as we arrived in Paris we were given a moment to change and then we were off to the phenomenal Eiffel Tower.

Ms Togneri: During our time there, we visited the Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower, took a boat trip down the River Seine and went shopping to buy souvenirs for loved ones. Personally going to the top of the Eiffel Tower was without a doubt my favourite. I was so scared yet fascinated.

Ms Broughton: On the same night, we were caught in a rainstorm and had to go in an underground for shelter. Eventually we arrived back at the hotel wet and cold but laughing at the experience

Ms O’Neill: On our last night in Paris we were given free time to visit some shops. They sold lots of little souvenirs and ‘I Love Paris’ memorabilia. Each shop you entered swore they could offer you the best deal, and if brave enough, you were able to haggle with the shop owner to try and get an even cheaper price. Out on the streets, artists with their canvases approach you ready to draw you your very own portrait. Each street has another handful of cafes with pastries smelling yummy.

With great honour and respect, we passed into the battlefield linked with the blackest day in British military history, The Somme. Our Company was inspired  by the bravery, courage and honour of those soldiers, over 400,00 of them, who died during that battle.

Ms Togneri: It seemed like no time at all until we were on our travels to Belgium. During this bus journey we prepared ourselves for the emotional next few days we knew we had to face before us.

Ms Broughton: In Belgium, we saw many war memorials that I will never forget and had opportunities to walk through trenches that have been in the exact same condition that they were in during the War.

We saw cemeteries of British, French and German soldiers. There were many differences between the two enemies resting places.

Ms Togneri: France and Belgium, or as we called it Frelgium was an unforgettable experience for my classmates and I. Singing war songs on our travels, getting a taste of the French lifestyle, visiting cemeteries and memorials of those who fought in World War I, I will not forget any of it.

Ms Broughton: eventually our journey came to an end and we were home with our families. However, our thoughts went to the people that never returned: the dead and missing of the Somme.

Continental breakfast and Belgian chocolate?

Our very happy wanderers are back from the Continent, where they have spent an exhausting few days.

The group left Motherwell on Monday 26th May to travel to Hull for the overnight ferry crossing to Zeebrugge.

It\'s raining in ParisTuesday was spent sightseeing in Paris where the weather thoughtfully reminded the pupils of home by raining incessantly. This did not stop them climbing the Eiffel Tower and cruising the Seine.

On Wednesday, the group travelled to Disneyland Paris for the day where a great day was had by all. They enjoyed the rides in the Park and finished the day watching the 15th Anniversary celebrations at closing time in the evening.

...but it\'s sunny in BruggeFinally, they resumed the long trip home, stopping off in Brugge for lunch to return by teatime on Friday. The ferry hosted scenes of phenomenal boogieing (we have video!) so they obviously weren’t tired at all.