Primary 7 PE Transition Night

Report from Mr Brogan

OLHS hosted it’s annual PE transiition night for the primary 7 pupils of all its associated primary schools. All pupils and parents were invited along for a night of fun and games, providing the perfect opportunity for the youngsters to meet and mix with pupils from different primary schools.

Around 50 pupils and their parents were in attendance and the night was very successful for pupils and parents alike. Pupils had a great time participating in some of the fun challenges, while their parents were put at ease seeing first hand the type of environment that their children will learn in over the forthcoming months.

All parties left feeling well informed about what lies ahead in terms of PE and the extra-curricular activites that Our Lady’s has to offer.


Orienteering in the snow

There are a few times in the week when there four classes in PE, so we include an outdoor activity. 1st and 2nd year groups are currently working on Orienteering.

Staff pre-warned the class to be wrapped up in their winter woolies so they didn’t miss out and all credit to the children, they have been well prepared and have loved it over the last couple of weeks.

Open evening – part 2

Many thanks to all the families who came along to Our Lady’s last night, despite the atrocious weather.

Over 200 people toured the school to view our facilities, meet the staff and find out more about the school.

Activities included having a go with the computerised embroidery sewing machines in Home Economics which were already set up and running so that P7s could see some designs. Visitors also had the chance to operate the ordinary sewing machines, trying to follow a line on a sheet. Mums reminisced about their own Home Economics classes while the Dads complained that they never had the chance to do Home Economics at school at all.

Various resources were on show in the Library Resource Centre, including our famous Roman helmet, used for the Ninth Legion investigation, examples of mindmapping and rebus puzzles, Comic Life software and our course, our blog, Our Lady’s Latest.

The PE department set up gymnastics displays, while Art and Design showed off screen printing techniques.

We welcome comments about the school, or last night’s event, which can be added by clicking on the “Comments” button above.

Magnet Man show

Today in the school theatre, we had a visit from the singer “Magnet Man”. He is from Barbados and has been a performer for the last 10 years. He is an ambassdor for UNICEF and had just returned from Africa, where he been working with a school to allow and fund them with the basics to teach.

This was the start of his UK tour and we were fortunate enough to be the first school of the tour. He played 5 songs to 200 pupils and answered a series of questions from the pupils.

The pupils responded magnificently and the concert was extremely rewarding for all concerned. At the end the pupils received signed photos and cds and many had their photograph taken with him.

The initial contact was made by Mr McArthur and with the help of the Performing Arts and PE Dept, the pupils had a ball. This is a first for us, but it will not be the last group or singer to visit OLHS. Watch this space.