Clubs and activities update

Sports clubs: Can all pupils who signed up for a club please collect a consent form from the PE department at interval/lunch.  Please note that the S1/2 netball club will now run on a Monday after school and the badminton club will run on a Tuesday after school.

S1/2 Dance Club: The club will not be running this Thursday, but will instead start next Thursday (8/9/16). Can all pupils who have signed up please attend a short meeting on Friday (2/9/16) at interval in my room (science 238). Any pupil who hasn’t yet signed up but would like to find out more is also welcome to come to the meeting. If you cannot make the meeting on Friday, please come and let me know. Miss Walmsley.

Irish Dancing: Irish dancing club starts today at lunch time in the fitness suite at 12.45. All age groups welcome even if you are a beginner. Miss Gilmour

Second Year Drama Club: Second Year Drama Club in Mr Dean’s room every Friday lunchtime 12.40 start. All welcome.

S1/2 Photography Club: Photography Club will run on Thursdays in the Library. Please see Mrs Macfadyen or Ms Steinert for details. No equipment necessary.

Politics: Are you a fifth or sixth year pupil who is interested in becoming a member of our OLHS European Youth Parliament team? If you are interested in this opportunity or would like further information then please attend a meeting at 1pm on Wednesday. The meeting will be held in Room 204 (Miss Halket’s classroom) and will be led by Christopher Wilson

School Sports 2016: 3rd year results

All photographs from S1 Photography Club

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100m girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Amy Dunne
Bronze – Lia Chambers

100m boys
Gold – Adam Lynch
Silver – Eammon Higgins
Bronze – Scott Wilson

400m girls
Gold – Lucy McQuaid
Silver – Hayley Graham
Bronze – Alexandra Healey

400m boys
Gold – Adam Lynch
Silver – Michael Costello
Bronze – Eric Katat

800m girls
Gold – Megan Grew
Silver – Alicia Jackson
Bronze – Jacklyn Gray

800m boys
Gold – Ronan Winton
Silver – Greg McCluskey
Bronze – Mateusz Czymerman

Javelin girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Robyn Leach
Bronze – Michaela Bennett

Javelin boys
Gold – Nathan Todd
Silver – Adrian Monka
Bronze – Greg McCluskey

Shot Putt girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Jacklyn Gray
Bronze –  Erin Queen

Shot Putt boys
Gold – Gunther Ofori
Silver – Connor Lynch
Bronze – Rabbi Safro

Long Jump girls
Gold – Lucy McQuaid
Silver – Amy Dunne
Bronze – Louise Dynes

Long Jump Boys
Gold – Ronan Winton
Silver – Elisee Kizube
Bronze – Sean O’ Neil

High Jump girls
Gold – Shannon Waldron
Silver – Viviana Karpova
Bronze – Lauren McCann

High Jump boys
Gold – Gunther Ofori
Silver – Mark McSorley
Bronze –  Kieran Jenkins

S3 mixed relay
Gold – Sinclair
Silver – Columba
Bronze –  Andrew

Tug of war winner : Columba

Photography Club

Members of the Photography Club are selecting their five favourite pictures taken over the last year. Over the last few months, pupils have tried out macro photography on fossils, flowers and fruit and veg, learned about working with models and making shadow images, and practised a variety of Photoshop techniques to transform their images. The Club’s  favourite photographs will be printed and displayed in the school.2016_0330_9515_15

Art for Autism

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Ms Steinert organised an Art for Autism event as part of our Schools Autism Awareness Week. Pupils were asked to remain calm  under unusual artistic situations. Extremely loud music was playing as music sat down and began to sketch. While most enjoyed the music it was clear that some were distracted by it.

After a while, staff removed the pencils being used by the participants and made them continue with another material. Sometimes the lights were on, and sometimes the lights were off, sometimes the music was extremely loud, and sometimes it was so low that it was just audible and no more. All of this was to give participants an idea of how difficult environmental factors can be for some people with autism.

Finally, all pupils had to leave their masterpieces, go choose another person’s artwork, then sit down and continue to work on it. This second piece was submitted as their competition entry, causing howls of outrage and more than one petted lip. However, staff explained how difficult change can be for those on the autistic spectrum and that their sense of upset was a smaller version of the difficulties faced by some people every day.

A big thank you to Shane (S5) for being DJ and creating the playlist, to the Photography Club for documenting the event, and to the pupils of Bothwellpark High School for judging the best artwork.

The chosen picture was by Amy (S2) who collected a giant Easter egg courtesy of Support for Learning. Bothwellpark also provided a prize which goes to Aleksandra (also S2) who began the picture which Amy completed.

Photography Club

Report from Ms Steinert

The Photography Club has had two pupils complete the coursework for the National Progression Award in Photography SCQF level 4.

3rd year, Maia Winton, and 5th year, Hayley Stevenson, have both worked very hard throughout the school year to complete this award. The pupils went on four photography shoots looking at photographing people and photographing places and explored and reflected on photographic techniques and styles. The pupils learned to store their images safely and use Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to create contact sheets and adjust images as part of their learning experience.

The Photography Club will resume after the holidays.

Christmas Fair 2013

Our successful Christmas Fair took place on Saturday 30th November. We discovered many pupils have a natural talent for haggling and bargaining, encouraging lots of extra wee things into already bulging bags.Thanks to the wonderful collection of donations and pupils’ powers of persuasion over £1600 has been raised so far with funds still coming in.

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We have a huge number of people to thank for helping with this event:

  • thanks to pupils from the Personal Development and Enterprise classes who have worked hard to put the fair together over the last months. On Friday they reorganised our theatre and gyms, created and displayed a host of signs to lead customers to the fair, as well as looking after stalls, and the cafe, and subsequently tidied everything away again.
  • thanks to staff from across the school, who volunteered to help with the gathering of donations, taking care of the stalls, face-painting, nail decoration and the cafe with its lovely Christmassy choir, amongst a host of other activities.
  • thanks to pupils from the Photography Club who documented the morning for posterity, even when people kept moving about!
  • thanks to Cubis Castles, who kindly gave us a special deal on the bouncy castle.
  • thanks to Mrs Lyn Zambonini who coordinated the whole event from the beginning.
  • thanks to the local businesses and organisations who came along to help raise funds or made donations of goods.
  • thanks to our special Santa Claus, who managed to take time out of his schedule to come along.

Most of all, thanks to our pupils and their families who have supported the whole idea, brought a wonderful collection of donations as part of our non-uniform day on 29th November, and came along to support us on the Saturday morning.

Congratulations to Jamie Duddy, Mrs McShannon and Mr Macfadyen, who won the baskets and Christmas cake.

Photography Club at Summerlee

Mrs Macfadyen and Ms Steinert took the Photography Club to the PhotoMedia Studio at Summerlee to play with professional standard photography lighting, backdrops and props before taking a wander around the museum.

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Pupils took turns posing in costume and taking pictures, while staff provided expert advice and tried to stay out of the way.

Thanks to the Summerlee staff who let the pupils take their favourite props out for a walk, allowing them to get some fabulous pictures in great locations.

Report by Holly

Yesterday the Photography Club went to Summerlee in Coatbridge to learn about portraiture and how to use fancy cameras. Before break we dressed upand took pictures of each other then afterwards we went outside and down to the cottages to take even more pictures. I think I took about 50 pictures.

After that we had lunch. Me, Sopie and Kayleigh ate inside and then went to the gift shop. Sophie and Kayleigh wanted a slush puppie but it was like 5 minutes until the bus came.

The best bit overall was when me and Kayleigh dressed up and played with stuffed animals. Unfortunately my elephant was deformed.

Strictly… OLHS style

Report by Some Drama People

On Friday the 23rd of November Our Lady’s High School held it’s first ever Strictly Dancing event.  The night got off to a bang with the fantastic comedy provided by the hosts, Matthew Dunn and Joseph Smith.  The audience then got to meet their judges: Mr Andrew Smith, Mrs Loraine McNeish, Mrs Clare Cooper and our resident Mrs Nasty, Loraine Bertolini.  The couples were then presented in style and received a wonderful reception from the 200 people strong audience.

The crowd were then entertained with a performance from of “She Said” by the S3 Dance Class and an excellent big band rendition of “Beyond the Sea” from the S4 Vocal group.

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It was then time to start the dancing – first up were Miss Chloe McGinness and Mr Thomas McGuire.  They danced to a mash-up of “Thriller” and “Gangnam Style” which got audience up on their feet and received excellent comments from the judges.

The second couple were Miss Jillian McGinn and Mr Nicholas Stewart who danced to a mash up of songs from the past 40 years.  Although they presented they used a variety of dancing styles, props and costume they received mixed comments from the judges and Mrs Nasty, Loraine Bertolini lived up to her name.

The third couple were Mr Joe Allan and Miss Sangeeta Kaur who performed a traditional Bollywood dance to more contemporary music.  Both dancers looked dazzling in their costumes and they received fantastic comments from the judges.

Couple number four were Mr Stephen Brogan and Miss Caitlin Welsh who performed a playful and fun version of the “Evolution of Dance.”  They incorporated a number of social dancing moves and had a very technical spin in there too.  They were highly commended by the judges.

The second half was kicked off with a bang – a big band bang! – as the Strictly Band performed “Titanium” as arranged by Music Instructor, Mr James Woods.

We were then back to the dancing and couple number five – Father King and Miss Louise Elliot wowed the audience and judges alike with their technical and dramatic Tango.  Father King was praised on his “excellent cape action.”

Couple number six – Mrs Deborah King and Mr Christopher Dunn stunned the audience with their version of “Single Ladies”.  All the hip wiggling had worked the audience into a frenzy who were all up on their feet enjoying the performance.

Last but not least couple number seven – Mr Andrew MacMaster and Miss Caitlin Hall also danced to a mash up of iconic dance songs. They received mixed comments from the judges – possibly because Mr MacMaster’s Movember Moustache stole the show.

The audience were then instructed to vote for their favourite couple.  While the votes were being counted they were kept entertained by Christopher Dunn and Louise Elliot drawing the raffle and a not-so-mystery, mystery act – Mathew Dunn and Joseph Smith’s dance.  Joseph appeared on stage looking for Matthew – he eventually spotted him in the audience and Matthew proceeded to strip and reveal he was dressed in women’s clothes!!!  They danced to “Time of my life” and “The Party Rock Anthem”.

It was then time to announce the winner and all couples were invited back onstage.  The judges seemed to have very good judging skills this evening as they rated the couples as the audience did.  In third place came Miss Chloe McGinness and Mr Thomas McGuire.  In second place came Father King and Miss Louise Elliot and in first place were Mrs Deborah King and Mr Christopher Dunn.

They performed their victory dance and amazed the crowd once again and the show was closed by our hosts.  Overall Strictly Dancing was a fantastic evening’s entertainment which all the audience members and participants did not want to end.

Here’s to 2013, Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Dancing!

PS Thanks to all the photographers who did a great job capturing people who just wouldn’t stand still!

Patronal Feast Day Mass 2011

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Report by Mrs Macfadyen

Our Patronal Feast Day Mass was held last Friday, 25th March, the closest Friday to the Feast of the Annunciation dedicated to Our Lady. The mass was presided over by the Right Reverend Bishop Joseph Devine and concelebrated by Fr Reilly, Fr Garwalinski, Fr Chromy, Canon Carey, Fr McGoldrick and our own School Chaplain, Fr Frank King.

The school was delighted to welcome Mrs Anne Donaldson and Mr Robert Dalzell from North Lanarkshire Council’s Learning and Leisure Services along with elected members, Councillor Nolan, Councillor Stewart and Councillor Ross, and former members of staff including Mr John White, Mr Raymond Lunny, Mr Jim Friel, Mrs Bridie Rynn and Mr Brian McCrossan.

After the service, staff and invited guests enjoyed a lunch prepared by the school Social Committee.

An enormous list of people helped this to be a successful and uplifting event:

  • our Performing Arts Faculty and Fr King, who selected some beautiful music appropriate to the event, magnificently performed by our school band and choir
  • all of the pupils and staff involved in the performance who worked so hard at rehearsals
  • our School Captains, Christopher Costello and Paula Jane Graham, for the readings
  • the pupils who assisted in the procession and as altar servers
  • janitors, administration and technical staff who organised all those behind the scenes preparations that make the day go so smoothly
  • our photography team, Lorna, Rachael and Scott,
  • and of course, the staff and pupils of Our Lady’s High School.