Ready to Vote — Supporting Our Young People

The Electoral Commission is inviting all secondary schools and youth learning services to support their campaign which aims to get as many young people registered to vote in time for the May 2017 Council Elections. In Our Lady’s High School, we are making plans to run a ReadyToVote event on the 1st March 2017 during #ReadyToVote day. Since the voting age for Scottish council elections has been lowered to 16, it is important that all of our students who will be aged 16 by 4th May 2017 know about this change and take the opportunity to register in time for these elections. We are sure that our Politically Literate young people will take this opportunity to have their voices heard!


Rotary dinner photo

On the 1st December, Grant Mackin, Liam Devine, Ross Walker and Barry Williams represented Our Lady’s High at a meeting of the Motherwell and Wishaw Rotary Club. We enjoyed a lovely meal and benefitted from listening to the Principal Officer, Susan A. Wilson, US Consulate~General, Edinburgh.


We would like to thank the Motherwell and Wishaw Rotary Club, Mr Roy Simpson, Mrs Wilson and the Bentley Hotel for this valuable experience. #pollitolhs

Google Expeditions

On Friday the 25th of November the Social Subjects Faculty will have the privilege of hosting a team from Google Expeditions who facilitated Virtual Reality (VR) learning experiences for a number of our pupils. This unbelievable system allows those taking part to actually experience what it was like to be a soldier in the trenches during the First World War.

A number of different subject departments are involved: Social Subjects, English, Modern Languages, Science and Nurture. Over 200 of our young people will get the chance to be involved in a worthwhile and memorable experience. We hope it helps to bring their study of the First World War to life! #pollitolhs

Politics Week at Summerlee

S3 Modern Studies pupils visited Summerlee on 18th December as part of UK Parliament Week. They were addressed by Phil Boswell MP, Elaine Smith MSP, Councillor Michael McPake and Professor Kirstie Blair from Strathclyde University, as well as exploring the exhibits throughout the museum, and taking part in a mock election for the Scottish Parliament and in the EU Referendum.

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Pupils pointed out to Mrs Macfadyen that cameras were not allowed in polling stations, but graciously agreed to allow shots without faces in view.


Higher Politics latest

Report from Miss Halket

Clare Adamson, MSP, visited our Higher Politics class this week. Clare led discussion on various topics, including the European Union and her own journey into politics. We are very grateful for the time she spent with us and the knowledge gained. This experience will undoubtedly help our young people as they progress through their studies.


Our Higher Politics class also helped write a speech on ‘The State of Mortuaries in Scotland’ for Graham Simpson, MSP. Mr Simpson delivered his speech in Parliament and our young people watched the recording of this on YouTube. We are proud of their hard work. You can see the speech below (blocked within NLC authority schools).

We would like to thank Mr Simpson for this opportunity and we look forward to visiting him in Parliament.


Andrew House Class Reps

Representatives from each Andrew House class are holding their first House meeting today.

Class reps are:

  • 1A Mark Gillen and Kelsie Clifford
  • 2A Aidan Dunne and Olivia Latimer
  • 3A Caitlin O’Neill and Regan McNee
  • 4A Fatemeh Assar and Lauren McCann
  • 5A Kirstie Grimshaw and Nicole Clarkson
  • 6A Adam Bocheneck and Toni May McMillan

Young Carers

Report by Mrs Millar

Lynn Wilson, Schools Practitioner from Action For Children, has been conducting a series of talks with all S1 pupils from OLHS on being a Young Carer. Lynn has been informing young people about the project and showing how the staff can support young people and their families.

Young carers often undertake responsibilities which would usually be associated with an adult or parent. For many families the young carer’s role is vital in supporting the family unit. This can range from cooking and cleaning to helping with personal needs like washing and dressing and helping with siblings. For some young carers it can also include things such as managing the family budget, shopping, collecting prescriptions and dispensing medication, and providing emotional support. Often, young people who are providing care do not see themselves as “young carers”- It’s just a normal part of life for them.  We thank Lynn for educating our S1 about this important issue, and hope that as a community we give our Young Carers the support the deserve. #pollitolhs

MSP visit

Graham Simpson, MSP, visited our Higher Politics class this week. Graham led discussion on his own journey into politics, conservatism in action in the UK and counter arguments in response to criticisms of conservatism. We are very grateful for the time he spent with us and the knowledge gained. This experience will undoubtedly help our young people as they progress through their studies. Our class now have the opportunity to engage in an exciting follow up task and we are very grateful for this opportunity. #pollitolhs

I think it’s safe to say that Mr Simpson enjoyed himself too.

What is Political Literacy

Report by Mrs Millar

What is Political Literacy? This is a question we will be answering over the next few months in Our Lady’s High School. Our new hashtag #pollitolhs will be appearing in many of our lessons this term, whatever the subject area. In fact, any time our pupils are giving their opinions about what is fair and what is not, thinking about their world, listening to other points of view, showing compassion for other people – they are developing the important skills and qualities involved in being politically literate. We want all our young people to become responsible citizens of a fair and honest society and we hope our #pollitolhs focus helps us achieve this aim – watch this hashtag!