S5/6 Prelim Timetable, 21st-28th January 2019

Please find below the timetable for the forthcoming S5/6 prelims.

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There is also a PDF version at the bottom which requires Adobe Acrobat to open.

PDF version. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine to read this version: 2019 S5/6 complete prelim timetable

Senior Prelims

Fifth and Sixth Year prelims finished on Monday 30th January.  Thanks to Mr Jimmy Keenan and his team of invigilators for their hard work and support of our young people during this stressful time – the pupils really appreciated the calm atmosphere the invigilators created.

Now the hard work really starts for all of our SQA candidates. Many of the subjects being studied contain a coursework element: performance, portfolio, investigation, extended essay or dissertation. Many marks can be gained by producing good course work and performing well in practical work, so it is really important that pupils, encouraged and supported by their teachers and parents, put in as much effort as possible between now and the end of March, when most of this coursework has to be submitted.

We look forward to welcoming Mr Keenan and his team in early May for the start of the SQA diet.

S5/6 Prelim Exams 2016

Upper school prelims begin on Monday 25th January, continuing until Monday 1st February. The exam timetable is as follows:

S5 S6 prelims Jan 16 Pupils

PDF version of timetable: 2016_0111_prelimtimetable

Please note that pupils are not permitted study leave during prelims. Our arrangements are as follows:

During the prelim exams pupils will be marked present on the day of their exam. If pupils do not have an exam on a particular day and do not attend school they will be marked absent. If for any reason your child is unwell or is unable to sit an exam the school should be contacted as soon as possible.


  • Throughout this week class teachers will be available as normal to offer support with revision.
  • Pupils by now should have a study timetable which will help them to thoroughly prepare for their forthcoming exams.
  • SQA past papers 
  • BBC bitesize websites
  • Scholar also provide useful revision materials.
  • Supported study is available in the majority of subjects.

Seat numbers

It is pupils’ responsibility to find out their seat number for each exam in advance and add the information to their timetables.  Seat numbers for all exams are displayed on the noticeboard across from the Support for Learning base. Principal Teachers will also advise pupils where this information is posted in relation to specific subjects.

Pupils should not go into any exam without knowing their seat numbers.

S5/6 Prelims

From Mrs Mulholland

Prelims begin on Monday 26th January and run until Tuesday 3rd February inclusive. All S5/6 must return to timetable on Wednesday 4th February.

Any S5/6 who does not have an exam but comes into school to study MUST sign in on the flipchart at the front of the school and delete his/her name when leaving. This is a Health and Safety issue.

The timetables are posted below for reference. Click on a sheet to enlarge it.

2015_prelims_Page_1 2015_prelims_Page_2