S4/5 Parents’ Information Evening, 21st February 2017

From Mrs Donnachie, DHT S5/6

S4/5 Parents’ Information evening,
Tuesday 21st February 2017,
7pm, School Theatre

This evening will give you information about how to help your child/children over the weeks ahead as they prepare to move from S4 to S5 and S5 to S6 and provide you with important dates in relation to the SQA. As well as this the event will give you the opportunity to hear about the subject choices that will be available to your son/daughter from next session as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

In addition, Mrs Zambonini will give a presentation on Developing The Young Workforce which is a government strategy to help ensure that all young people leave school with a career path in place.

Ruth Robertson, our Careers Adviser, will also give information about Skills Development Scotland’s role in this strategy. Ruth is also available in school every Monday, Tuesday and Friday for one to one appointments; her role along with the pupil support team is key to ensuring that your son/daughter makes the correct subject choices as they progress in their school career.

I hope you can make this event and I look forward to welcoming you on the evening.

PSHE Day – Skills Development Scotland

On Thursday 15th January, OLHS held a very successful Senior PSHE day for all pupils in S5 and S6. Pupils had the whole day out of class for a number of important meetings and training sessions.

Ruth Robertson from Skills Development Scotland delivered The Buzz Personality Test, getting pupils to think about personality traits that they possess, how other people are different to them, and how they could use this information to help with their career decision making.

Part of the training involves pupils being given a four letter code. Each code refers to an animal – easier to remember than a code for most people – which suggests the types of job that a person might wish to investigate. This was very popular with pupils, with deep consideration about whether an owl or a bear really expressed their personality best.

Once they had their code / animal, pupils were asked to think silently for thirty seconds about their dream job, and how they could achieve this goal, before sharing their thoughts with a partner. The point of this exercise was to find out whether quiet, personal, more introverted consideration was easier for them than noisier, shared, more extroverted analysis, or vice versa. However, It became clear very quickly that for some, being silent for thirty seconds was almost painful. Whether this was due to their enthusiasm for their plans or a simple inability to wheesht remains unclear.

Many thanks to Ruth Robertson and her colleague for their time in Our Lady’s today.

Careers seminar

Our fabulous Careers Adviser, Ruth Robertson, provided a lunchtime seminar on Personal Statements to a packed crowd of upper school pupils hoping to go to university after the summer.

The Personal Statement is an important part of the UCAS application form, in which candidates express their reasons for applying for a particular course, and their hopes for the future.

Ruth has been holding meetings with 6th year individually, discussing their preferred post-school destinations and guiding them through the process of applying for higher and further education, training or work.

All UCAS forms should be completed and delivered to Pupil Support staff by 4th December.

S5 Induction: Careers

Report from Ruth Robertson

The Career Session for the S5 induction was centred on getting pupils to think in an enterprising way. Marion Russell and I asked each group to consider that they were running their own restaurant. The tasks included planning and costing a menu, thinking of their target market, devising a restaurant name and logo, and getting them to recruit staff for their business. There was an element of competition, with Mrs Mulholland judging the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with unhealthy prizes of confectionary.

The pupils all showed great enthusiasm and produced some great ideas: definite entrepreneurs of the future I feel.

Careers talks

Options programmes are an important part of this term’s PSHE classes, allowing pupils an opportunity to think about their subject choices for the forthcoming school years. Naturally, career intentions have a major role in this process, so our Careers Advisor, Ruth Robertson, has provided classroom lessons to help pupils make thir minds up.


Ruth Robertson with S2 pupils

Ruth Robertson with S2 pupils

2nd year pupils look at the skills and qualities required for different jobs through quizzes and games before investigating their own ideas and preferences.


4th years receive guidance on the option of leaving school and looking for a job or training, or whether to stay on at school for further qualifications.

Ms Robertson is usually available in school every Tuesday and Wednesday and holds a regular Careers Surgery every Tuesday in the Library Resource Centre at lunchtime.

Careers visit

Careers Advisers, Ruth Robertson and Claire McCanney, spoke to the Personal Development Group, helping them think about where to find jobs and think about skills employers are looking for.

Many of these pupils are intending to leave school and the visit focused on helping them with job searching.

Careers information

Our highly esteemed Careers Advisor, Ruth Robertson, has been working with 2nd and 4th year pupils.

Second year pupils took the opportunity to work on the PlanIt website under Ms Robertson’s careful guidance, while 4th year pupils examined how their behaviour, extra curricular activities and skills could enhance their career prospects and even give them ideas for future jobs.