S6 Induction

Report from Mrs King

S6 were trained in Buddy Training and HeartStart during S6 Induction last week. They will be putting their new skills into practice over the next year with the new 1st years.


6th year old and new

On Friday 6th June our new sixth year began their induction programme. A variety of workshops was organised by Mrs Mulholland to help prepare the pupils for their final year with us.

Primary 7/ S6 Mass was on Monday 9th June, followed by visits on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th.Pupils met classmates, teachers and buddies and enjoyed following their first timetable.

A fond farewell to the old S6 whose leavers’ Mass is on the afternoon of 12th June, followed by the prom for on 13th June in the Shawlands Hotel.

Induction 2013 – Fitness

Alba Military Fitness came along to torture, sorry, train pupils as part of their induction into 5th year. Half of the year worked with Alba in the morning while the other half practised their team building in the Library, and then swapped over after lunch.

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Induction 2013 – HeartStart


Pupils received HeartStart training in CPR and first aid techniques as part of their induction in to 6th year from Mrs Zambonini, Miss McGinty, and Mrs McDonald.

In August, the 6th years will pass on the knowledge gained here to their 1st year Buddies.

S5 Induction

Our usual induction week was a little shorter this year because of the holiday weekend, but we still managed to pack a lot of activities and information into two days.

Half of 5th year took on paintball targets, bridge building and a special alphabet scavenger hunt with the assistance of the army, while the other half worked on building a flagpole, writing and performing a team anthem and designing an egg launcher with school staff. The teams swapped places after lunchtime.

On Friday morning, 5th year pupils worked with Ruth Robertson and Marion Russell from Skills Development Scotland to design a restaurant, before meeting with Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Mary Mulholland to organise new timetables and learn about expectations of upper school pupils.

SQA exams – updated arrangements

From Mrs Sinclair

Dear Parent/Carer

Further to the letter which you received prior to the Easter holidays I would like to advise a change to the exam leave arrangements.  As it is an in-service day prior to the long weekend it has been agreed by the senior management team that pupils in fourth, fifth and sixth year may begin the formal exam leave on Friday 4th May.  Pupils should use this day and the weekend for study purposes.  They should then use all non-exam days for study.

If any pupil would prefer to study in school he/she should see me to make arrangements.  The teaching staff will be available to assist pupils when they would normally have been teaching them and therefore if your child needs some assistance with a subject a visit to the school for support is an option.  When visiting the school, can I ask you to ensure that the uniform is worn.

This is a busy and often stressful time for the young people and I am sure that the extra support from families helps at this time.  I am very hopeful that most of our students have been studying hard, particularly in the last few weeks, and that they will reap the benefits.

I wish your child every success in the exams and be assured that we pray for the success of all of our young people every day, during the exams.

To our sixth year students, there will be a number of opportunities to say goodbye and wish them well.  However can I take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution to our school over the years.  I look forward to hearing about their successes in the years ahead.  Good Luck and God Bless.

Pupils in fourth and fifth year should return to school on 7th June for their induction into fifth and sixth year respectively.  A letter and text message will be sent nearer the time.

I hope that this change in arrangement days does not cause you any inconvenience.

King Regards

Mrs K Sinclair
Head Teacher

S5 Induction Week 2010

5th year induction took place over three days providing all of the pupils with a chance to get to know each other better, and learn more about what’s required of them as Upper School pupils.

On Wednesday, everyone was required to get their bodies and brains in gear as they took part in team-building activities designed by the Army and (horror of horrors) Mrs Zambonini and Mrs Macfadyen in the Library Resource Centre!

Thursday was Challenge Day with the  PE staff organising a softball game and Careers staff challenged teams to create and run a restaurant.

Friday was more relaxed, with a service from Fr King, and a talk from staff at Motherwell College. Pupils also received a quick introduction to  Glow, and got their passwords and discussed new timetables and expectations with Mrs Mulholland in the afternoon to complete a busy few days.

S6 Induction Week 2010

By Julia, Lisa, Barry, Shaun and Paula Jane

The new S6 pupils were involved in a number of activities through the course of the week which included suicide intervention and buddy training.  With the help of Mrs Mulholland, Mrs King, Mrs Zambonini,  Mrs McDonald, Mr Bel Abbes and of course Mrs Macfadyen (she told us to write that)  the students learned a variety of different skills which they are able to put into practice when the new term begins in August.

Buddy training allowed 6th year pupils to learn the skills needed to be a Buddy.  Heartstart training not only taught pupils how to deliver CPR, but also to train up their S1 buddies to do the same.

An inspiring talk from Laura Murdoch, who is based in the University of West of Scotland, gave the pupils a better understanding of University life.  The students were also provided with their Glow passwords and learned about the Millennium Volunteers project and the number of opportunities open to them within the school and local community.

School captain interviews took place over the course of Friday morning and the result were later revealed following a blessing from our School Chaplain Fr Frank King.  Paula Jane Graham and Christopher Costello were named our new school captains.  House Captain interviews are to take place in the forthcoming weeks.

Friday afternoon was much more relaxed as all S6 students enjoyed an afternoon out in the sun playing softball.  Overall, the week brought the year closer together and gave the students a heads up of what to expect after summer.

In the library now

5th year Induction started today with half of the yeargroup taking part in teamwork tasks in the LRC, and the other half with the army.

The library groups created their own banners, and then built a flagpole to fly their banner from. And of course, once you’ve got a flag, you need an anthem. I think it’s safe to say that there’s a massive range of musical talent in 5th year.

The final task was to invent something which could launch and land a raw egg safely. And many of the eggs did land safely, but only at the feet of their launchers (and in one instance, behind them). A lot of thought obviously went into the design of the launchers, even those that just threw them.

In the army now

From 5th year

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On Wednesday the 7th of June, the fifth year pupils participated in an induction day which allowed the pupils to work as a team and brought the year closer together.  The pupils were put through their paces by members of the army as they took part in physical and logical challenges.

There were many different activities to enjoy, one of which tested your ability to work as a team and work out a strategy to make ‘9.50’ out of wooden poles and tyres.  The groups found this very problematic as they struggled to understand what the task entailed.  They were given no clues but eventually worked out the answer.  There were of course other tasks which involved memory games and tasks designed to encourage the pupils to work as a team.

After a much needed break, the pupils took part in an indoor assault course which was demanding and very tiring!   All the pupils were split into teams and competed to finish the assault course first.  This involved a number of fitness activities and all the fifth years found it physically demanding to be ‘part of the army’.

All the fifth years thoroughly enjoyed the induction day with the army and many were sore the next day as a result of finding muscles they didn’t know existed!  Overall, the fifth year induction day with the army was a great success and brought the year closer together.

Information Evening

Report by Mrs Sinclair

The Upper School Information Evening was held on Wednesday. A number of parents/carers turned out to hear presentations from Mrs Mulholland, Head of Upper School and Mr Martin, Principal Teacher of Pupil Support.

Mrs Mulholland informed the parents about preparation for the exams and the formalities of sitting exams. She also explained about the certification and issued very important dates. Later in the presentation Mrs Mulholland informed the parents of the variety of experiences which are planned for the young people over the next two years and the proposed induction programmes for fifth and sixth year students.

Mr Martin explained about the role of the pupil support staff so far in advising the young people in their options as well as target setting. He talked about study patterns and the importance of planning for study, particularly as the new fifth year students undertake five National Qualifications at Higher, Intermediate II or Intermediate I, next year. He explained how parents could assist with this – not least by ensuring that they get an adequate amount of sleep each night!

S5 Induction: Interview skills

New 5th year pupils learned how not to act in an interview, thanks to the English department. Principal Teacher, Mrs Millar, took the part of a gum-chewing, untidy, rude job applicant while the rest of the department took the role of the interview panel.

Pupils were asked to spot all the reasons why she wouldn’t be offered the job, before drawing up their own lists for more successful interviews.

S5 Induction: Careers

Report from Ruth Robertson

The Career Session for the S5 induction was centred on getting pupils to think in an enterprising way. Marion Russell and I asked each group to consider that they were running their own restaurant. The tasks included planning and costing a menu, thinking of their target market, devising a restaurant name and logo, and getting them to recruit staff for their business. There was an element of competition, with Mrs Mulholland judging the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with unhealthy prizes of confectionary.

The pupils all showed great enthusiasm and produced some great ideas: definite entrepreneurs of the future I feel.


5th and 6th year pupils have started their respective Induction weeks. On Monday, the new S6 took off for Mugdock Country Park, where they enjoyed games, orienteering, quizzes and some rather strange teamwork activities.

Yesterday, S5 had fun back at OLHS building flagpoles and egg launchers. We also discovered some rare musical talent. Other games included tug of war and assault courses (dressed as chickens naturally).

Induction for both years will continue over the rest of the week, with input on achieving goals, interview skills, and health and enterprise activities.