Soak the 6th years

Thank you to all of the 6th years who volunteered to get soaked by their younger colleagues today in aid of Lenten Charities

Darcy Hendry, David Martin, Aaron Hawthorne, Aimee Houston, Katie-Anne Hunter, Ryan McQuade, Rachel Ballentyne, Aidan Coates, Dominic Cherrie, Andrew Thomas, Emily McGurk, Gemma Grier, Leah McDonald, Connor Thomson, Shavaun Goodman.


Soak the 6th year

Report by Rebecca Salemi

On Wednesday afternoon, 8 very nervous 6th years gathered in the school yard to endure 20 minutes of a rigorous soaking. Pupils from all years turned out to support them in their daunting quest to raise money for their Leavers Dance.

6th years suffered buckets of water, water balloons and water guns as younger pupils got their revenge.

Thank you to the very cold 6th years, everyone who helped organise, and all those who turned out to watch and support.