The Magnificent Seven

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Heroes all, they strode across the yard, unyielding in yellow ponchos, unblinking in blue shower caps, gutsy in goggles, audacious in anoraks, they came to the place of judgement.

To fight for the poor and the hungry, they faced the baying hordes in purple.

And got drenched.

Yup, the annual Soak the Teacher event was held today with seven brave souls just asking for trouble – or at least asking to have buckets of water chucked at them for our Lenten Charities fund-raising campaign ūüôā

Thanks of course to the valiant volunteers: Mrs Anderson, Mr Kay, Miss McGhee, Miss McGinness, Miss McKendrick, Miss O’Neill and Mr Smith.

Thanks also to everyone who paid up to throw sponges and empty buckets over heads – and in some cases, accidentally soak the people behind them (thanks for that!)

Soak the Teacher


Teacher fashion : Spring Collection 2010

Class 4A organised a ‚ÄėSoak the Teacher‚Äôevent to raise funds for Lenten Charities.¬†50p¬†was just too good an opportunity for some pupils who spent all their pocket money and ended up borrowing more!¬†

Thanks to the staff who included Mrs Anderson, Miss Kane, Father Frank King, Mr Brogan, Mr MacMaster, Ms Campbell, Miss Miller and Mr Law.

Lenten Charities

The non-uniform day on Friday was a great success adding £600 to the funds already raised for Lenten Charities.

This week there were a number of very interesting events including¬†Soak the teacher¬†and Guess the teacher from cute baby photos (were teachers ever cute?) There was also ‚Äėstaff versus pupils‚Äô sumo wrestling competition which was enjoyed by the pupils and endured by the staff!

Soak the Teacher

The yard rang with the roar of the Colosseum on Friday, as Soak the Teacher heralded the end of Lenten Charities fund-raising for this year. When a sponge or bucket hit its mark, and hit it well, there was a cry of appreciation from the crowd for the bravery of the participants and the audacity of their opponents.

Many thanks to this year’s Warriors of the Water: Mr Brogan, Ms Clements, Mr Law, Mr Macmaster, Mr Millar and Ms Miller for being very good sports and having their hairstyles ruined for the day.

Thanks also to Toni-Marie McFadden and Michael McCabe for the photographs.

Soak the teacher

Six brave souls versus 650 (apart from the ones at lunch).

Six getting soaked

They pulled up their hoods.They borrowed flippers.

They laughed in the face of flying sponges and fallen buckets.

But they were COMPLETELY soaked by the time it was all over.  So a huge thank you and well done to Mrs Anderson, Mr Duff, Mrs Kerr, Mr Law, Ms Newman and Mr Smith for being so brave.

Pupils were surpringly keen to assist in this fund-raising venture at £1 for three sponges or a complete bucket with all proceeds going to Lenten charities.

And congratulations to to organisers Nicola McLindon, Dominique Larkin, Hannah Lester, Victoria Cook, Sarah Clarke, Kimberley Toner and Elizabeth Low (ably assisted by Mrs Fitzpatrick). Your powers of persuasion are obviously phenomenal (and special thanks for not spilling any buckets of water on me while I was taking photographs).