Senior PSHE Day 4

On Friday, senior pupils participated in in their fourth PSHE Day. Pupils rotated around six areas:

  • Good Egg Drivers: pupils looked over the Good Egg Driver website and learned about safety for new and learner drivers. 
  • Police Scotland: Pearl ran a quiz to review what had been learned on previous PSHE days, followed by a game focusing on drugs, crime and personal safety.
  • Samaritans: the Samaritans discussed the issue of self harm, with personal account footage on video. The group discussed ’emotional first aid kits’, and everyone was given a stress toy in the shape of a mobile phone. There was a valuable discussion around the idea that self harm was attention seeking, which the Samaritans were quick to dismiss.
  • Study Skills: Mrs Macfadyen discussed how important it was for pupils to recognise their own study preferences – music, silence, mind-maps, relaxation – and asked pupils to pass on their own advice to 4th year pupils sitting exams for the first time. The groups also practised making up stories to help memorise a list in order
  • Mentors in Violence Prevention: the work focused on a video demonstrating how violence could be prevented. The video itself sparked a lot of discussion about what constitutes consent, what constitutes assault, and the role of alcohol in violent situations. Pupils worked with each other to identify ways that violent situations could be diffused or avoided altogether.
  • Learning profiles: pupils reviewed their previous work on strengths and accomplishments and updated their files.

“My sincere thanks to everyone who participated in today’s events.  To everyone who took groups, covered classes, answered phones, escorted visitors, laid out chairs, sorted ICT, gave up rooms, catered, photocopied, registered, Thanks!” Mrs Zambonini, Principal Teacher, PSHE


Study Skills

Report from Mr Mulrooney

All S4, S5 and S6 pupils benefited from a study skills course designed to give pupils a kick start and promote their motivation and confidence in planning for their exams. The course complemented the work already being done in Tutor Time each day.

Pupils really appreciated and enjoyed  the experience, with 97% of pupils judging the course Excellent or Good.


1st year pupils are using Rebus puzzles in Tutor Time as they learn how brains actually work. A rebus puzzle uses pictures and symbols and letters to represent a saying or word.

Here are a couple of examples from Mrs Millar’s class.

Health promotion video

There are cameras in the LRC today as North Lanarkshire Council is filming two of our school health promotion projects.

The North Lanarkshire Challenge team will be demonstrating their resuscitation skills as part of the HeartStart project.

At the same time, 1A will be filmed showing off knowledge gained through the PSHE “Train your Brain” study skills unit, as they try to figure out what yoghurt, flour, blue cheese and wire have to do with what’s going on inside their heads.