Yay YA+ 2015

Thirty pupils from 3rd year took part in the inaugural YAY YA+ event at Cumbernauld Theatre, which celebrated Young Adult authors living and working in Scotland. Organised by author, Kirkland Ciccone, pupils had the opportunity to meet with authors, Cathy MacPhail, Theresa Breslin, Barry Hutchison, Linda Strachan, Lari Don, Alex Nye, Matt Cartney, Roy Gill and Victoria Campbell.

Pupils found the discussions between authors fascinating, especially since they often didn’t agree with each other, and provided a range of views on how to write, what to read and whether to read the book before seeing a film! The selfie station was well used and there were plenty of photos and autographs collected.

Further reports will appear on the Library blog.


Divided City

Miss McGhee’s 2nd year English class are taking part in a competition to win tickets to see a stage version of Theresa Breslin’s Divided City.

To enter, pupils had to read the first four lines of the novel, and then add a further four lines of their own. The prize is four tickets for the play, with runners-up prizes of signed books. All entrants receive a signed bookmark.

Here are four of their entries. Click on each image to enlarge it.

You can read all about the Divided City performance on Theresa Breslin’s blog.

Catalyst Award 2009

Every year, the Catalyst Teen Book Award is voted for by pupils in 3rd and 4th year in North Lanarkshire. The shortlist was announced at New Stevenson Library as follows:

Garry Kilworth – The Hundred-Towered City
Garry Kilworth says –
I´m very excited and more than pleased to be on such a prestigious shortlist and in such excellent company. I shall look forward to my visit to Scotland with great enthusiasm. Although I’ve visited Scotland on many occasions, and love it, I don´t remember spending a lot of time in Lanarkshire. My childhood holidays were spent on a farm in Perthshire and those early experiences form several passages in my books. Looking forward to some new ones.

Helena Pielichaty – Accidental Friends
Helena Pielichaty says –
I am absolutely delighted to be on this wonderful shortlist. It shows what fine taste the people of North Lanarkshire have. Accidental Friends is a very important book for me and it’s an enormous boost to know it’s been singled out in this way. I think this award is very special as it is the teenagers themselves who will be voting.

Simon Morden – The Lost Art
Simon Morden says –
I am, of course, delighted and surprised to be shortlisted for the Catalyst award. To find myself in such exalted company is an honour. To know I got there by being chosen by readers is humbling. Being on the Catalyst shortlist is both a huge encouragement and a stern challenge – since writers never stop writing, I realise I have to try and make the next book better than the last one.

Theresa Breslin – Nostradamus Prophecy
Theresa Breslin says –
I’m absolutely thrilled to be selected for the shortlist for this terrific award voted for by the pupils of North Lanarkshire. It’s amazing feeling for your book to be chosen as a contender from among the many thousands of titles published each year. I’m looking forward to visiting the schools, chatting to the pupils, librarians and teachers, and all the excitement of the award ceremony.

All of the books are available from Mrs Macfadyen in the LRC.

The main awards ceremony will take place October 8th in the Motherwell Concert Hall.

Horizons Dance

A dance was held at Whitehill Secondary in Glasgow involving S1 pupils from both schools as part of the Horizons anti-sectarianism initiative. Jointly organised by Mr David McArthur and Ms Leisa McCracken from Whitehill, the dance also involved staff and student teachers from both schools.

Training company Aurora Pathways are also coming to work with senior pupils in both schools in leadership techniques.

In another part of the project, both schools received sixty copies of “Divided City” by Theresa Breslin, the award winning novel about sectarianism in Glasgow. These have been distributed throughout the school and will be used for further awareness raising with 2nd and 3rd year pupils.