Tinto Hill 2017

Lovely day for a walk – until they got to the top where is was just a wee bit colder than the 700m below.

S1 headed up Tinto Hill to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice today.  Well done everyone who took part.

Thanks to  Partnership Officer, Deborah King for all her hard work and organisation.

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Tinto Hill climb, 23rd May 2017

S1 pupils are climbing Tinto Hill on 23rd May to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice. All pupils must return their consent form and £3 to their Pupil Support Teacher. Anyone who has not returned their consent form cannot attend the trip.

A reminder to everyone to wear appropriate clothes and bring a pack lunch.

Pupils should meet in the Zone as soon as the bell rings in the morning.

Good luck!

Tinto Hill 2013

110 pupils from 1st year and a group of gallant staff walked to the top of Tinto Hill yesterday to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice. The weather was warm and sunny, although the summit was pretty cold. Staff from St Andrew’s Hospice provided water and bananas to walkers for the journey upwards and congratulated them with a medal on their return.

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1st year pupils are renowned for their hard work and commitment (!) but they proved their dedication to good causes by trudging up Tinto Hill yesterday in aid of St Andrew’s Hospice.

As they headed south, there was an excited chatter about how tough the climb would be. Every new hill that appeared caused a chorus of “Is that Tinto?” followed by a rather thoughtful quiet when Tinto itself came into view.

Last year, staff and pupils were turned back at the halfway mark due to dangerous winds, but this year the weather was perfect for hillwalking, and the group reached the summit just in time for a picnic lunch.

Most pupils were a bit sore, but very proud of themselves today. Some staff were even overheard planning trips up additional hills and mountains in the near future.

Tinto in the wind

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Over 100 OLHS 1st year pupils and staff set off on a blustery, rainy day last week to climb Tinto Hill to raise money for St Andrew’s Hospice.

The rain stayed off while the group made their ascent, but the wind proved bad enough for the organisers decided to stop the walk before the summit, a decision which was welcome to almost everyone, except for the mountain goats in the group who were disappointed not to reach the very top.

A very tired but happy group made their way back to OLHS, content to have done their best for the Hospice.

Tinto Conquered

Bright, early and cheerful, we set out on a double decker bus to the Lanarkshire hill known as Tinto. The challenge was to raise money for St. Andrew’s Hospice. We had before us 2000m of steady incline, with several steeper bits to break up the delusions of adequacy. Separated into groups by pupil determination of how easy it would be to climb, each group set off with a member of staff accompanying them and a natural inclination to spread out. Sheepdog-like the staff kept them together and those pupils falling behind were readily integrated into the following group.

… and when they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down, and when I was only half way up I was an exhausted wreck and requiring oxygen. Fortunately our sturdy S1 pupils were mountain goat like in their cheerful enthusiasm … at least for the first few hundred metres. Then, “What ?”, “ There’s more ?”, and “Look sir, there’s clouds before we reach the top !”

Several times on the ascent, groups rested and enjoyed the scenery … or chatted about the myriad conversational topics that those of us over 16 find somewhat incomprehensible. Up into the damper mistiness we progressed, reduced chatter and steely determination becoming evident. Finally, scrabbling for breath on the gravelly slope, we reached the top!
Damp but triumphant on top of TintoReport from Mr Law
Well done Our Lady’s High, thank you St. Andrew’s Hospice for the chance to challenge ourselves.