Titanic Project 2017: posters, buoyancy and mapping

Start of Titanic Project week 2 and the Crew were working with Mr Weir from Art and Design creating Titanic posters in Photoshop (photos to follow). Next they learned about buoyancy and how enormous steel vessels stay afloat, making their own vessels with Mr Law in Science. Congratulations to the team of Omar and Conor whose boat was most successful.

In the afternoon, Miss Moir from Social Subjects worked with the class on a giant map showing the Titanic’s route from Belfast to disaster, adding information about each port of call and passenger nationalities.

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Titanic Media Studies

Report by Mr Hawthorne

Mrs Millar’s English class have recently started their media studies unit. The film they are studying is the 1997 film “Titanic” by James Cameron. They have been looking at key features of a film and the main building blocks of a movie. For example, colour, lighting, sound etc.

They will also be researching the history of Titanic very soon.

Also they have been watching the old film of Titanic known as “A Night To Remember” based on the book by Walter Lord which is available in the LRC.