Social Subjects

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  • Your S1 Topic in school is Scotland
  • Your S2 Topic in school is The Americas


  • Choose another country which is of interest to you
  • You should research your country’s Geography. This could include a map showing your country’s location; the physical Geography; the political Geography; a table showing the population of your country; a climate graph; the industry found in your country; the level of development – is your country rich or poor?
  • You should research your country’s History. This could include any famous people; any major events in your country’s history; the living conditions of the people in the past; the work they did; the entertainment they enjoyed; their religious beliefs
  • You should research your country’s politics and issues today in the 21st This could include the names of their leader; the different political parties and what they stand for; the main issues the country faces abroad; any problems or issues they have at home – inequalities of rich and poor/health and housing/crime and the law.
  • You should now create a text to hand in to your teacher. This could be a written project; a poster; a PowerPoint presentation.
  • This should be your best work. It should be neat, colourful, and contain interesting pictures.
  • It should all be in your own words and not just copied and pasted from websites or books
  • You should also make a list of the sources you used eg Books/Websites/Newspapers/TV programmes/DVDs

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