S3 History Winter Work

  1. You should choose a topic to research.
  2. You should use your class notes and websites to research at least 3 different areas which are important to your topic
  3. Within each area you should try to identify a cause or an impact
  4. Create a text which you can hand into your teacher. This could be an essay; a poster; a powerpoint presentation or any other idea you may have.


  1. RECRUITMENT: You could research at least 3  reasons which explain why young men volunteered to join up in 1914.
  1. TRENCH CONDITIONS: You could research at least 3 reasons which explain why conditions were so bad in the trenches
  1. WEAPONS OF WAR: You could research at least 3 weapons which were used to try and break the deadlock on the Western Front
  1. BATTLES: You could research either the Battle of Loos or the Somme and find at least 3 reasons why these battles were unsuccessful.
  1. LIFE ON THE HOME FRONT: You could research at least 3 reasons which explain why life for people at home changed during World War One



  1. Learn and revise your notes from the revision booklets you have been provided with
  2. You should write and memorise your assignment question which has been agreed with your teacher
  3. The BBC Bitesize National 5 section is very good for History revision
  4. Use the SQA site to access past paper questions. You should then hand them into your teacher for marking.



  1. Scottish History
  • Use your textbook and class notes to revise all 4 issues
  • Make sure you cover all course descriptors
  • Answer all source work questions from your textbook and small booklet
  1. USA History
  • Re-draft all class essays using the feedback from your teacher
  • Write out paragraphs for the factors you DID NOT include in your essays. Remember these could be the isolated factor.
  • Learn and memorise using the SQA course descriptors
  • Research and write your Assignment using the question agreed by your teacher
  • Learn and memorise.