Modern Studies


  1. You should choose a topic to research.
  2. You should use your class notes and websites to research at least 3 different areas which are important to your topic
  3. Create a text which you can hand into your teacher. This could be an essay; a poster; a Powerpoint presentation or any other idea you may have.


  • TYPES OF CRIME: You could research at least 3 different types of crime.
  • CAUSES OF CRIME: You could research at least 3 causes of crime.
  • EFFORTS TO TACKLE CRIME: You could research at least 3 efforts to tackle crime
  • THE SCOTTISH COURT SYSTEM: You could research arguments for and against the ‘not proven’ verdict.
  • SENTENCING IN SCOTLAND: You could research arguments for and against custodial sentences.



  1. Learn and revise your notes from the revision booklets you have been provided with
  2. You should write and memorise your Assignment question which has been agreed with your teacher
  3. The BBC Bitesize National 5 section is very good for Modern Studies revision
  4. Use the SQA site to access past paper questions. You should then hand them into your teacher for marking



You should work on plans for the following essays and write these up under timed conditions. Please hand these to me to be marked upon return.

1. Democracy in Scotland and the UK

You should refer to Scotland or the United Kingdom or Both in your answers


Analyse the legislative powers of Parliament – 12 marks
To what extent are the powers of Parliament limited? – 20 marks
Evaluate the impact The European Parliament has on decision-making in the UK – 12 marks


Evaluate the influence of representatives in the decision-making process – 12 marks
Evaluate the importance of the executive in decision-making in government – 12 marks
To what extent can Parliament hold its leader to account? – 20 marks

Voting Systems and Voting Behaviour:

To what extent does the electoral system you have studied provide fair choice and representation – 20 marks
Short term factors are becoming more important that long term factors in relation to voting behaviour.  Discuss – 20 marks

The ways in which citizens can participate in, and influence the political process:

Evaluate the influence citizens have on the political system and decision-making – 12 marks
Unelected bodies can influence decision-making in parliament.  Discuss – 20 marks
Analyse the effect the media has on decision-making – 12 marks


2. Social Issues in the United Kingdom

Social Inequality:

To what extent does income impact health in the UK? – 20 marks
Analyse the effects of poverty on disadvantaged groups – 12 marks

Theories and Causes of Social Inequality:

Health and welfare provision should be the responsibility of the government.  Discuss – 20 marks
Analyse the causes of social inequality in the UK – 12 marks

Attempts to tackle Inequalities and their effectiveness:

To what extent have government policies reduced social inequalities in the UK? – 20 marks


3. International Issues

World Issues – The Politics of Development

Analyse the causes of an international issue you have studied – 12 marks

To what extent has a world issue you have studied had an impact in different countries? – 20 marks

International organisations have been successful in resolving a significant world issue.  Discuss – 20 marks